Safety and Rating System

How do I report an item?
In case you want to report a faulty or prohibited item reach out to us at and our team will investigate the same. For more information on Orbit's community guidelines, check our Terms and Conditions.

What if I experience harassment?
You have the to option to Block user (red button under the profile of user) & to notify us at

How do I block/unblock a user?
To block a user, go to their profile and click the red block user button. To unblock a user go to You > Settings > Blocked Users and unblock them.


How do I search for an item?
To search for items on Orbit through keywords click search then keywords and type in what you’re looking for like: Apple iPad or 2BR apartment Back Bay.
To look up items through hashtags select the #Hashtags tab and type in the hashtag like #vintage or #handmade.
To search for users you can look them up by their first and last name or their Orbit handle which is unique to every Orbit user and begins with @.

How do I change my Orbit? (distance from my location)?
Select what you would like your default search Orbit in the You page. You can also change your Orbit with every search by clicking on the tab to your right after the search. Use the slider bar to adjust your Orbit.

How do I filter my search?
To filter your search, select the filter icon (first from the right) and filter searches by Price, Distance and Rating (of the sellers).

How do I know if a seller is reliable?
The number of stars (five stars being the highest) on each seller’s profile indicates the user generated rating they have. We also recommend that you be clear with the seller on a safe, public meeting place and follow up with them before the meeting.

How do I contact the seller of an item I want to purchase?
To start a chat with the seller, click on a product in their store that you’re interested in and click the Chat icon.

How do I pay for an item I want to purchase?
Presently, the only way to pay for an item on Orbit is to meet up with the seller and pay cash. Once you pay cash make sure to go into your Chat with the seller and click the “Request To Buy Option.” You will receive an invoice as a proof of the purchase, once the seller accepts the invoice.

When do I pay for an item I want to purchase?
Orbit recommends you pay for the item when you meet with the seller and have seen the item. Do not pay a seller unless you have a product in hand. Orbit cannot guarantee you receiving the item if you pay before receiving the item in hand.

What if I can't find the item I want to buy?
Orbit fixes this problem with our unique Wishlist feature. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or in your price range, go to Wishlist and add the item to your Wishlist. Orbit will send you a notification once it becomes available in your price range.

How do I withdraw a buying offer?
Orbit recommends informing the seller ASAP if you are no longer interested in meeting. If you see the item in person and do not wish to buy it, politely inform the seller that you are no longer interested in the product.

What if I'm not happy with the product after the purchase?
Contact us at or the seller if they do offer returns. If the seller does offer returns you can contact them for a return. Orbit is not responsible for returns.

What if the seller is unresponsive?
If a seller takes over a week to respond after multiple attempts to reach out to them please contact us on


What is my store?
Your store is a virtual store consisting of items you are trying to sell. We recommend sharing your listings to your Facebook profile to share it with your Facebook friends.

How do I post an item?
Picture -- Allow Orbit to access Camera via Settings, Take photo/photo library – Can I change the sizing of my picture? Can I reposition the picture for the grid and listing views?
Product Title -- X amount of characters allowed; strings that will be searched
Category -- Optional: Sub Category, Brand
Hashtags -- if product is specific to university/class/neighborhood or a niche you’re targeting #NEU #FINA2201 #BackBay; descriptive words #vintage #Nike

What kinds of things can I sell on my store?
You can list anything from furniture to an iPad. You can also list your apartment/room for rent. Your store is your personal platform that connects you with other Orbit users in the city.

How do I edit or delete my post?
Click on the pen icon that shows up on top of the image of the item you’re trying to edit. To delete a post click on edit and then the delete button on the top left hand corner.

How do I receive payments from my purchases?
You have to meet up with the buyer in person and receive cash.

Will my post be deleted when a buyer sends me an Invoice?
If you are an individual on Orbit the post will be deleted after the transaction. If you are a listed as a business on Orbit you will have to manually remove the item from your Store.

How do I share an item that I’m selling via Orbit to my other social networks?
Go to Store then click the product you are trying to share, scroll down and you will have the option to share it to your Facebook timeline or group.

What do I do if my buyer is “flakey”?
If the buyer does not show up please contact us on Please follow up with the buyer before you meet up with them to confirm the date, time and location.


How do I opt out of receiving notifications from certain users that I follow?
Click on their name on the Following tab or look up their name in the @Users tab on Orbit, visit their profile and tap the following button.

What is the default Orbit range of the Discover tab?
The default range of items in your Discover tab is at a maximum of 150 miles from you.

How do I refresh the items on the Discover tab?
Click on the arrow icon on the top right hand corner to refresh the items in the Discover tab.


What is a Wishlist?
Your Wishlist is a list of items that you hope to purchase but are not currently listed on Orbit. Once you list an item on your Wishlist within a certain price range, Orbit will notify you when a seller lists the item you want.

How do I add an item to my Wishlist?
Click the Wishlist icon on the Discover Page and save the information for the item you're looking for in the provided fields.


Is my Store public or private (to my followers)?
Your Store is public to all Orbit users except the users you block.

How long does my post stay on Orbit/in my Store?
Your post stays in your store until you delete the post or a transaction is successful (you accept a request for someone to buy the item).


Who can see my profile details?
Your item listings, profile picture, user name and name are visible to all Orbit users except those you’ve blocked. No one can detect your location from viewing your profile.

How do I find users to follow?
Type in the name of the person you are trying to find or their @username in the search bar on the Discover Page then click the Users tab. Every Orbit user has a unique handle beginning with @.

How do I find stores to follow?
Type in the store’s name in the search bar on the Discover Page then click the Users tab. Every store has a unique Orbit handle beginning with @.

What is the “History” tab in “You?”
History is where you will find your transaction history of items bought and sold on Orbit. When a buyer sends you an invoice you can find it as the most recent invoice with a “Pending Authorization” Accept/Reject the offer depending on if you agree to buy the item.


How do I turn on/off Push notification alerts?
On your iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications > Orbit

How do I set my location?
Set your location by accepting Orbit to view your location. Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Orbit

How does Orbit keep the postings up-to-date (How do I know that I’m looking to buy an item that isn’t already sold)?
Once a transaction is successful, the posting will delete from a user’s Orbit store. You can always chat with the user to double check.