Orbit is a social marketplace designed from the ground up for mobile phones and tablets. We have combined the best of social media and marketplace websites to create an app that is safe, intuitive and easy to use. Buying and selling online doesn’t always have the deserved benefit of being able to see/display the product before the purchase. Orbit will be your go-to app for buying, selling and apartment-renting locally.

The idea for Orbit was first formed when our founder realized there was no ideal way of buying and selling with people close by. For a brief five minutes Orbit was intended to be a website. However, the modern consumer isn’t always on their laptop. Their laptop isn’t always connected to the internet either. This makes communication pre-purchase slow and dragged out. The concept for Orbit was then quickly redesigned as an app made for smartphones and tablets. Grab your smartphone, set an Orbit and find buyers or sellers.

Selling? All you have to do is go to your Store and list anything from that sweater gifted to you that doesn’t fit to subletting your apartment for the summer. We want Orbit to be your go-to app for finding buyers locally. We’ve taken out the pain of shipping items when you sell. Sell locally and avoid returns and misunderstandings about the product.

Buying? Search for items you’re looking for as keywords, #hashtags, or @usernames. You can also find local businesses that are using Orbit as a platform to sell their art or move-out apartment sales. Orbit allows you buy new or used within an “Orbit” that you select. You can meet up in person and take a good look at the item before purchasing.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Add it to your Wishlist. You will be notified when the item becomes available within the price range that you select.

Small businesses, we’re here to give you an online app platform. Check your discover feed for talented street artists selling paintings to homemade jewelry. Orbit has been carefully designed to give artisans a platform to list items for buyers to browse. Your fans can also follow you and get notified when you list a new item!