Keep up with listings from your friends and discover items being sold near you in the Discover tab!


Search with @usernames, #hashtags and keywords.

Message the seller once you find an item you like, and set up a meeting place.

Check out the item in person before you pay. No shipping or return hassles!


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Every Orbit user has a unique handle beginning with @. Give this out to your friends so they can follow you and keep up with your posts!


Didn’t find what you were looking for? No problem! Add it to your Wishlist with the price you want and Orbit will notify you when it becomes available.


"Orbit is made up of people and they have been our priority from the beginning. It is important to personalize the experience of these people and give them a product that is safe, fun and above all, a problem solver. "

"You can buy and sell basically anything on Orbit Marketplace within a 25-mile radius."

"Orbit Marketplace wants to connect you to the local buyers in your orbit. As an idea, it has the virtual sales format down. As Orbit grows, it is certainly going to make it’s mark on the online shopping world. "

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